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What We Do

Limitless Capital focuses on three major areas of business.
We specialize in strategic technology investments, quantitative finance and Artificial Intelligence research.

Quantitative Finance

As the world of finance becomes increasingly complex, demand has grown for people and organizations who understand the complex mathematical models that drive these systems and are able to generate large profits and reduce overall risk.

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Technology Investments

We seek out and invest in companies and people that have incredible intellectual property or operational advantages. From simple ideas to large organizations - We love helping a great idea or business make the next step.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our research teams are focusing on the next level of technology: Machine Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Virtual/Augmented reality and more. We're always looking for the top researchers and technical minds in their respective fields.

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Introducing L'Quant - Quant Framework

L’Quant is the flexible framework for algo-strategy execution.

You can take your prototype and start it on the real market to check execution, performance and other parameters. Our team will even implement your idea in executable code, suggest risk-management features or different instruments for diversification.

You have unique trading system and do not want anybody to know the details of your algos? We can take signals from your private source and make effective, smart and safe execution on the real market.

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