Virtual & Augmented Reality
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Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems

Changing the world right in front of your eyes.

Virtual Reality is the computer generation of an entire world around the user. Users can interact and explore the world in a non-linear fashion. Augmented Reality superimposes computer-generated images on the users view of the real world.

A few of our VR/AR related interests include:

Training and EDUCATION

Engage and Interact.

Virtual and Augmented Reality training systems are rapidly transforming the way that people learn. Many professions including Medical professionals, First responders, Military professionals, Airline pilots - Even Auto Mechanics need to continually train and prepare for realistic situations. Virtual Reality provides new sets of tools for people to be educated in safe, controlled, real-world scenarios.

Gaming and Social WORLDS

The next generation of gaming and social interaction.

Online gaming experiences have long been shaping the landscape of virtual worlds. The next generation of VR and AR-assisted games will literally place users inside whole new worlds, interacting in never before seen ways.

Business and RETAIL

Tailored Experiences.

Virtual and Augmented reality systems can enable customized shopping experiences for everyone. Customers will be able to view customized shops, tailored product ranges - even virtually 'try on' and get opinions from friends who they are virtually shopping with.

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