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Artificial Intelligence - Research and Development

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Our Mandate

LTSS Capital R&D is a company established to focus on quality, quantity and relevance of Research and Development in the areas of Deep/Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Algorithmic Finance and Augmented/Virtual Reality. Our mandate includes bringing together the core top researchers and technical minds in their respective fields with world class computing capabilities. Enabling them to apply research to real world problems in the fields of Artificial/Machine Intelligence, Algorithmic Finance and Augmented/Virtual Realities.

Our mandate allows us to focus on developing new areas of study, new products and services - as well as contribute to the global academic and open-source communities.

Areas of Interest

Artificial/Machine Intelligence

Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Cluster/Cloud Computing

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Financial Systems

Quantitative Finance, Automated Trading and Risk Management

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Virtual/Augmented Reality

From blending applications with the real world to creating entirely new worlds.

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Lines of Business

Research and Development Programs:

We finance, staff and support projects requiring highly skilled people and world-class infrastructure with cutting-edge research projects.

Research and Development Solutions:

We deliver applied Research and Development services needed by businesses, to help solve their technical challenges.

Strategic Investment:

We directly support and invest in projects that align with our goals and vision. Do you have a project idea in Machine Learning/Intelligence, Vision Systems, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Data Sciences or similar? Let us back you.

EXCELLENCE: We pursue excellence and quality in all that we do. We deliver superior service for our clients and exceptional support for our stakeholders by recruiting and empowering highly capable people who believe that no problem is too great. We work to exceed expectations and strive to set new standards for excellence.

DRIVE: We believe in what we do. We are committed to making a difference. We bring energy and commitment to every task we undertake. We seek to make a difference in everything we do. We seek to make the world a better place through technology.

INTEGRITY: We behave with integrity. We have high ethical and moral standards. We are trusted by our partners and respected by our stakeholders.

COLLABORATION: We focus on team building across the organization and thrive on partnerships with our stakeholders. We believe a strong emphasis on collaboration offers the greatest returns and our success is based upon shared interests and open communication.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable to the public and our clients, employees, and stakeholders. We take this responsibility seriously and are always guided to act in a manner that respects our values.

Ourselves: Our Primary client is, of course, ourselves. We develop ideas into products and tools. To achieve this, Limitless Capital funds programs and targeted research initiatives aimed at incubating, developing and deploying leading edge technologies.

Business: We work with companies to increase their R&D capacity, productivity, and ability to build strong collaborative relationships. To achieve this, Limitless Capital offers a full suite of funding programs and targeted research initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality and quantity of business-led and collaborative development.

Academia: We work with academia to identify and deliver R&D projects, develop new or expand existing R&D infrastructure and equipment, and develop highly-qualified researchers and students. We also work to facilitate local, national, and international collaborative research and development projects.