Science-Driven Finance

The opportunities are Limitless

The Limitless Capital Fund is a private fund, fully owned by its principals. The aim of the fund is to generate consistent risk-adjusted returns.

We believe that markets are inefficient, but display statistically measurable features that can be predicted and exploited. Limitless Capital applies a mix of discretionary and systematic strategies to capture such market behaviour over multiple time frames for a globally diversified portfolio of assets.

We invest in hypothesis-based quantitative research applying machine learning, deep learning and other artificial intelligence methods to produce alpha generating systems. We develop predictive models and other components of automated trading systems - applying modern statistical machine learning methods to large, high dimensional data sets. These active trading models, applied with rigorous risk management techniques on top, help us identify and exploit market inefficiencies and capture profit opportunities in both bull and bear markets.

We've built our team based on talent, thorough knowledge and a passion for mathematical science and financial markets.

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