Value Investing


Value Investing

The opportunities are Limitless

Limitless Capital Equity Fund is a multi-strategy investment vehicle with focus on global equity. We follow value investing philosophy but do not limit our universe and are ready for any profitable opportunity beyond pure value approach. We use extensive fundamental analysis techniques to reach our main goal: long-term sustainable value creation for our stakeholders.

Areas of interest:

Pure value plays
We use our deep fundamental expertise to identify discrepancies between stocks’ intrinsic value and market price and invest in stories where we believe a strong positive risk/reward asymmetry exists.

Event-driven research
We seek and invest in stories where we see a strong value creation potential resulting from upcoming corporate events: from M&A to divestitures.

Distressed investing
A special type of both value and event driven approaches. By exploiting market inefficiencies and short term pessimism regarding particular distressed cases we extract attractive long-term value taking acceptable amounts of risk.

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